Custom picks: a great gift to the guitarist in you

Custom Guitar Picks - One Side Printed
Why shall you get custom picks instead of a standard one?Well, first of all, standard picks are made with cheap materials, they do not last much and, because they are average, it will be much easier to lose them.Custom picks, instead, have the following features:
  • they are made with the best materials on the market, thus are strong and firm;
  • they feature your very own design, which you can easily create on the website;
  • they come with a special package and you will never lose any of them!
Looking to promote the next concert of your band? Custom picks are a great and affordable way to advertise the event: they are even cheaper than printed flyers!Want to gift your fellow musicians in the band?Create a set of custom picks, maybe with the band logo and your friends’ names.Your best friend is a guitarist and you are out of gift ideas?Give them a custom picks card: it will be an unexpected but appreciated surprise!There are a million reasons why you should order your custom picks now: you name them!

Why choosing custom picks?

When I play my guitar, I have that special feeling. It takes me high in the sky, as if the world under me would stop. The flow that comes with my guitar’s sound makes me feel invincible.All of us guitarists – we share a talent, a passion, an experience.But all of a sudden, here we go again. That bloody standard pick just broke, one more time.That is why, since I started using my custom picks, I have never had the same problem again.EigenPlectrum® custom picks are made with the best materials on the market. They are the result of many year of studies, projects and designs.They are perfectly created to optimize the sound of your guitar and to make your life easy. Plus, they are customized to your needs and taste.Picks will stop to be your enemy: they’ll become a necessity.
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