Foo Fighter Chris Shiflett to Sell 20 Guitars

Foo Fighters - Chris Shiflett
Foo Fighters - Chris ShiflettOn a recent trip to the Foo Fighters’ rehearsal studio in L.A., guitarist Chris Shiflett told us, “I have an excess of guitars that I’ve gotten over the years—I have more than I could even really play and more than I do play.”“It would be fun to see these things find a home elsewhere, where somebody’s going to actually play them and put scratches on them,” Shiflett says. “I’m going to take these 20 guitars and turn them into two guitars. That’s kind of my plan.”This week, Mr. Shiflett’s plan is coming to fruition with the launch of the official Chris Shiflett Reverb Shop. With listings for 20 different instruments from his tenure with the Foo Fighters, Chris’ shop presents a rare opportunity for Foo Fighters fan to snag a piece of the band’s vast gear collection.Source:
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