Vintage Picks – Different colors

Custom Vintage Guitar Picks - Pink

Create your perfect custom vintage picks and start playing like a rockstar

There are times when being a guitar player is amazing. Feeling the strings’ vibration and creating the perfect melody. There are times when playing the guitar takes you to a higher place.

Hi there, my friend guitarist. You and I have a passion in common.
Don’t you feel a hero when playing your best shot?

I do. I feel like nothing can take my guitar and I apart.

Unfortunately, there are also times when playing becomes a struggle.
Standard picks are always so rough and chipping them…oh, it’s such an easy game!

I have been there.
On the stage, right in the middle of a song. In studio, when recording your last masterpiece.

It is such a nightmare when you are giving it your best go but your standard pick won’t just stand it.

It was in one of those awful moments that I had this great idea.

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