Custom Drumsticks Printed

A drummer can’t drum without his own printed drumsticks with their own name or logo. Order your own drum sticks very easily using the form. Of course also nice to give as a gift to someone!

You can select from these drumsticks: 5A, 7A and 5B. We also have Vic Firth – Nova and ProMark drumsticks.

The two lines you see are the drumsticks. On the bottom is the placement where we can print.

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Production / Delivery time
The production time is 1 to 2 business days. Delivery time depends on your chosen carrier and delivery option.

Our custom drumsticks are made from Maple wood. These are available in three different versions: 5A, 5B and 7A. We also sell Vic Firth – Nova and Promark drumsticks.

We can print your text on the drum sticks. If you are not sure about the design, you can always contact us. We then check your print for free. The print is up to 1cm high.

Color Drum sticks
We currently offer standard drum sticks. Your printing will be better off.

Delivery time
Drum sticks have a delivery time of 5-6 days. If you have a deadline, please contact us for more information.

Weight0.2 kg
To download and create your own design on your PC/Mac, download our templates here.

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