Eco Guitar Picks – Engraved

The question we often received in recent years was whether we also had environmentally friendly guitar picks. We had never studied this before because it also makes a lot of difference in terms of sound and comfort of what material the guitar picks are.

We have studied this more deeply and have come up with eco-friendly guitar picks. These guitar picks are made from Polylactic (Lactic Acid) and Wheat Straw (Vegetable Fiber). This makes the guitar picks biodegradable and no plastic remains in the environment.

The online designer is available on the left side of this page. Are you unable to design the guitar picks via the online designer? Then make a free design for your picks and then order the picks for you.

Printed guitar picks are also ideal for promoting your event. Or how about promoting your own band by handing out the guitar picks?

Towards an environmentally friendly world!

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The production time is 1 to 2 business days. Delivery time depends on your chosen carrier and delivery option.

These guitar picks are made from lactic acid and wheat straw and are therefore biodegradable and perfect for playing the guitar. You can choose from different thicknesses.

You can choose from these thicknesses: 0.71mm and 0.88mm.

The engraving is made with a laser. This means that we cannot color the engraving. It is, as it were, imprinted.

For best results, we recommend uploading a 300DPI image. Not sure about the result? Then we can always make a sample and check your image, this is free.

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To download and create your own design on your PC/Mac, download our templates here.

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