XXL Picks – 2.4 Inch

CustomPicks.com has some special picks. XXL picks of up to 2.4 inch! What you can do with it, we hear you thinking !? The picks are ideal to use as a special card or gift.

This business pick is ideal and what’s nicer than a special business card with its own imprint? You’re so right impression on the person across from you.

Design works the same way as ‘normal’ picks. Use the online designer on the left and click on the cart!

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Production / Delivery time
The production time is 1 to 2 business days. Delivery time depends on your chosen carrier and delivery option.

These guitar picks are made from Celluloid and are no less than 2.4 inch in size.

0.71 mm.

The basic color of the plectrum is white. However, we can print any color. Full color printing is possible on the plectrums and we can print without borders. This allows us to give the pick all the colors you want.

For the best results, we recommend uploading a 300DPI image. Are you unsure of the result? Then we can always make an example and check your image, this is free.

Additional information
Weight0.04 kg
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To download and create your own design on your PC/Mac, download our templates here.

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