Coolest guitar picks

Create your perfect coolest guitar picks and start playing like a rockstar

Hi there, my friend guitarist without coolest guitar picks yet. You and I have a passion in common. Don’t you feel a hero when playing your best shot? I do. I feel like nothing can take my guitar and I apart.Unfortunately, there are also times when playing becomes a struggle. There are times when being a guitar player is amazing. Feeling the strings’ vibration and creating the perfect melody. There are times when playing the guitar takes you to a higher place. You and I have a passion in common.Standard guitar picks are always so rough and chipping them…oh, it’s such an easy game! I have been there. On the stage, right in the middle of a song. In studio, when recording your last masterpiece.It is such a nightmare when you are giving it your best go but your standard pick won’t just stand it. It was in one of those awful moments that I had this great idea.

Why don’t I create coolest guitar picks that would best fit my guitar?

I am the one who is using picks after all: I can’t think of anyone else but me to design my engraved guitar picks. It was 2007 and I had just found my own brand EigenPlectrum® in the Netherlands.EigenPlectrum® came to solve the problems that my fellow guitarists and I always had. No more chipping picks, no more rough sounds out of our guitars. After a few years of success in my home country, I decided to share my brand with different nations in Europe and the rest of the world.In 2014, I decided to invest in the production, adding new materials, more quality and more products for sales. EigenPlectrum® has worked side by side with their first customers to make sure they deliver the best quality coolest guitar picks on the market.Today, EigenPlectrum® is sending coolest guitar picks to the entire world.coolest guitar picks

Design your very own coolest guitar picks.

How does it work? It is super simple. Just register on the website, insert your email address (very important), create a username and a password.Then log into your account: easier done than said!

How to order your coolest guitar picks?

Once you have created your special product, add it to the shopping cart. Then, select your shipping address and the kind of postage you prefer. Select your payment methods: we accept major Credit Cards like Visa and Mastercard, PayPal but also the old cash-on-delivery method.Here we are. Your order is placed and you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. You will also be notified when the shipping is ready to leave the Netherlands and you will be provided with a tracking number, to make sure you know when your coolest guitar picks arrive. But there is more. EigenPlectrum® offers free shipping for order of € 50 or more.

When will I received my coolest guitar picks?

Once you have placed your order, we will create and prepare your shipping within 10 days – depending on your order size.We then pass the box on to PostNL and provide you with a tracking number. Depending on your location, you will be receiving your custom guitar picks within the shortest time available.Do you have a short deadline?Make sure you contact us and we will be more than happy to agree a delivery date to fit your needs.

How many coolest guitar picks can I get?

You can order as many guitar picks as you need, from one to 1 million. Again, we do not only sell coolest guitar picks.Check out our product page to see the range of products EigenPlectrum® creates. Keyrings, bracelets, necklaces, band picks and much much more.

Want more out of your coolest guitar picks?

With our online design tool, you do not need to be a professional designer. You can benefit of our templates, uploading your own pictures or images. Download our templates, customize it with cliparts and texts.Then, pick your product and upload the design you have created: you have just made your very first coolest guitar picks.

Why choosing guitar picks?

When I play my guitar, I have that special feeling. It takes me high in the sky, as if the world under me would stop. The flow that comes with my guitar sound makes me feel invincible.All of us guitarists – we share a talent, a passion, an experience. But all of a sudden, here we go again. That bloody standard pick just broke, one more time. That is why, since I started using my guitar picks with holes, I have never had the same problem again. EigenPlectrum® coolest guitar picks are made with the best materials on the market.They are the result of many year of studies, projects and designs. They are perfectly created to optimize the sound of your guitar and to make your life easy. Plus, they are customized to your needs and taste.Picks will stop to be your enemy: they’ll become a necessity.

Coolest guitar picks: a great gift to the guitar player in you

Why shall you get engraved guitar picks instead of a standard one? Well, first of all, standard picks are made with cheap materials, they do not last much and, because they are average, it will be much easier to lose them. Coolest guitar picks, instead, have the following features:
  • these picks are made with the best materials on the market, thus are strong and firm;
  • your very own design, which you can easily create on the website;
  • come with a special package and you will never lose any of them!
Looking to promote the next concert of your band? Coolest guitar picks are a great and affordable way to advertise the event: they are even cheaper than printed flyers!Want to gift your fellow musicians in the band? Create a set of guitar picks, maybe with the band logo and your friends’ names. Your best friend is a guitarist and you are out of gift ideas? Buy them a guitar picks custom card: it will be an unexpected but appreciated surprise!There are a million reasons why you should order your coolest guitar picks now: you name them!
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